5 Reasons I drink coffee during my pregnancy



5 Reasons I drink coffee during my pregnancy

Written By: Samantha Geisler

  1. I have a 3 year old…enough said

I’m sure you have read or at least heard about the blog “3 Year-Olds Are A**holes”, if not check it out here, its hilarious.  I’m not saying my sweet little Mackenzie is an a**hole but like most 3 year olds she is high energy, demanding and unbelievably exhausting. If I don’t have my morning dose of caffeine I morph into a momzilla and that’s just not fun.


  1. I’m a stay at home mompreneur…and knocked up

Yes, as if staying home with your child and starting your own business wasn’t exhausting enough I went and got “Prego”. When I saw that second little red line appear on my pregnancy stick I began laughing uncontrollably, not because I was excited or happy but because I was freaking terrified. All I could think was “Is my sister-in-law/ business partner going to kill me? How will I get all of my work done, find the energy to entertain Mac AND somewhat function as a wife?” Coffee…that’s how, this mama can’t and won’t go without her caffeine. I need the energy to run and hide in the closet while making phone calls, stay up during naptime to send out endless emails and let’s not forget the mountain of laundry that will be waiting for me every night.


  1. Pregnant women needing to give up coffee is a MYTH!

Current studies suggest it is safe for pregnant women to drink coffee in moderation during their pregnancies. NHS recommends limiting your caffeine intake to about 200mg of caffeine a day. This is equivalent to about two cups of coffee or one 10oz cup of Starbucks coffee. So, if you are like me and need one cup in the morning and one around noon this news will be music to your ears. However, make sure you listen to your body and talk to your OBGYN first. All women and pregnancies are different and certain restrictions might be advised.


  1. Coffee will not make my child crazy

Researchers recently found that children born to women who drank 200mg of caffeine or less a day did not have lower IQs or behavior problems. And guess what! There is no found link between a mom’s caffeine intake and whether their baby woke up at night. My Mackenzie is living proof of this. I drank coffee with her during my pregnancy and she sleeps and naps like a champ!


  1. I found MOMMEE COFFEE

You heard me, there is a new product on the market called Mommee Coffee and I’m obsessed! Why is it so cool? First of all it’s 100% organic and water processed, which means no chemicals are used to remove the caffeine. Second, it’s easy on your stomach because it is low in acid while most coffees are HIGH in acid. Third, Mommee Coffee offers a range of caffeine options. So, if you are worried about your caffeine intake during your first trimester you and get the ¼ caffeinated option. Check out more reasons why Mommee Coffee rocks here


Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on pregnancy health or a health professional. If you want to consume coffee and/or caffeine during your pregnancy PLEASE consult your healthcare professional first.


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