Dr. Jennifer Okwerekwu

Dr. Jennifer Okwerekwu is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist specializing in Integrative Women’s Mental Health and Reproductive Psychiatry. She has clinical expertise in managing mental health challenges that uniquely impact pregnancy-capable patients and the symptoms that arise at the intersection of hormonal transitions from the onset of menses through menopause. Her work focuses on the management of mental health challenges during pregnancy and the postpartum period. As such, she is passionate about improving maternal mental health in order to improve the overall health and wellness of their families and communities. Dr. Okwerekwu also takes a female-first approach to mental health and manages the psychiatric symptoms associated with women’s health issues like endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids. She currently provides reproductive psychiatry services via telepsychiatry in seven states and counting: AZ, CA, FL, IL, MA, MN, NY.

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