Gearapalooza Miami 2014!

When we started The Prego Expo a year ago (can you believe it was a year ago!), we constantly came across this show called “Gearapalooza” and knew we just had to go! We were so excited to head down there last week and attend the show and meet the famous Baby GuyNYC. Wow was the show worth the drive, we walked away with an amazing “swag bag” and Samantha won a $300 Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. If you ever get a chance to attend one of their 15 show’s throughout the year, you should completely do it. Next year, Bump Club & Beyond, the founders of Gearapalooza will be traveling all over the US and even adding Canada to their lineup.

So lets talk about this awesome swag bag and all the great product that was inside!!

Meet Mixie, mixie bottles

the first baby bottle that can be filled now and mixed later. This bottle was designed by a dad, who I’m sure like many of us was tired in the middle of the night and could not remember how many scoops he put in the bottle. Welcome Mixie!! This bottle has a separate compartment where the formula is held until you are ready to mix! Good thing, it’s all dishwasher safe. For more information on Mixie check out their website www.mixiebaby.com

Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottle was also included in the swag.dr.brownsbottle

Many mom’s love this brand and swear by it. Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottles is said to reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas. It also helps to preserve vitamins and lipids. Their fully vented bottle design is said to be closest to breastfeeding and the internal vent system (that big old blue tube 🙂 is used to control the flow so your baby feeds at their own pace. To find out more about Dr. Brown’s visit their website www.drbrownsbaby.com


MAM baby products started in 1979, with always a vision of quality and design.

Today they continue to keep that goal in mind, with unique designs and high quality baby products. With everything from bottles, pacifiers, teethers to your babies dental needs while keeping your unique style in mind. We love MAM and for this March show will be including product in our swag bags as well as great giveaways! We received an adorable gender neutral 4oz bottle and two of their amazing BPA free pacifiers. I know when my oldest was a baby she only preferred MAM pacifiers and we had a good stock until she found her thumb 🙁  Find out more about MAM and how you can create your own unique styles. If you use/used MAM let us know and comment below on how much you love them!!!


So lets move on from bottles and talk about squirmy babies!! When I saw this product of course I immediately thought, “why did I not have this!” If any of you have this please let me know how much you love love love it..

We all know and love the HALO brand and many of you immediately think of their amazing sleep sacks. Now HALO has come out with the HALO Swaddle Change changing pad cover, pretty much one of the best inventions since their Sleepsac wearable blanket. Here’s it is  halo swaddle changeHonestly when I saw this, another thought was “genius” we all know what it’s like changing a squirmy baby, another great product from HALO. Learn more about this product and all their products at www.halosleep.com

Skip Hop has always been a great product and their Pronto! changing station was also included in our swag. This changing station is nice and compact and seems to be able to fit into an diaper bag, it also comes with a wristlet for easy wearing for those quick diaper changes. The Pronto! has a cushioned head pillow, great pockets for us parents to throw our phones, keys etc, comes with a wipe case and mesh pockets inside to hold 4 diapers and more www.skiphop.com

pronto diaper changing

Let’s talk about the softest baby towel out there! Not only does Stokke produce amazing strollers, seats and they have so much more! The Stokke Hooded Towel was included in our swag and boy does Mackenzie love that towel. This towel is extremely soft to the touch and designed with the highest quality natural fabrics. I could go on talking about the amazing quality of this towel. Here’s a picture of it

stokke hooded towelWe were lucky enough to give away a Stokke stroller at our August show and hope to get another one for March. Stokke is definitely a high end product with a very sleak look. Make sure to check out all their product www.stokke.com

One of my favorites in the swag was a beautiful Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets. I really love these and would recommend to all moms, friends, family etc to include these in their gift to baby. These blankets are breathable and this definitely helps in Florida where the heat takes up most of our months. The blanket is large, making swaddling very easy! This blanket gets comfier and softer the more you wash, who doesn’t want that?! This blanket is so versatile, you can use it for everything! I really love this product

aiden anais swaddle http://www.adenandanais.com/

With the cold weather in full effect all over the US, we came across Baby Comfy Nose Nasal Aspirator. Most of us are all very knowledgeable and our kids not cooperative with the good old bulb syringe to suck out that pesky congestion. Baby Comfy Nose nasal aspirator uses your own suction to quickly and hygienically remove children’s nasal mucus.  So you ask, how do you keep it from going in your mouth?? I wondered the same thing! The tissue inside the filter grabs all that pesky congestion and its all very easy to clean.

baby comfy nose www.babycomfycare.com

Also in our swag was the Natursutten natural pacifier, this company was created by a mother of three who wanted to be sure to keep her kids safe from harsh unwanted chemicals.

natursutten www.natursutten.com

boppy wand    Boppy Wand, we will have Boppy in our Swag Bags www.boppy.com

dr smithsDr. Smith’s Diaper Rash ointment www.doctorsmiths.com

md moms towelettesMD Moms wipes created by Pediatrician moms www.mdmoms.com

sage spoonSage Spoonfuls container www.sagespoonfuls.com

Wow, I know!! So you wonder, what are Samantha and I going to do with all this product?? GIVEAWAYS!! Comment on this blog about any of these products and be entered to win something out of our swag bag!!


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